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From Graffiti to Oxite

So I've moved off of Graffiti CMS and migrated my blog posts (via BlogML) to Oxite -- Microsoft's open source blogging platform.

As much as I wanted to love Graffiti, I wasn't a huge fan of VistaDB; I've even heard rumors that the product's been dropped by Telligent earlier this year. But mainly as a developer, what I really wanted was full control -- so switching to Oxite seemed like a natural progression.. and it's packed with lots of goodies -- including MVC, Unity and AntiXSS.

It wouldn't be a good product without all the problems, so getting started was a bit challenging. Right off the bat, there were 404 errors all over the place -- and found out that the application requires a special URL prefix in order for it to work in IIS6.

Shortly thereafter I started witnessing permission issues when referencing one of the third party assembly. But no big deal, downloaded the source, marked that file with the AllowPartiallyTrustedCallersAttribute and I was up and running.

Since I'm on this new platform, will this mean more posts in the future? I'm not so sure, but I'll certainly have a reason to play with the MVC framework now:) I am rather disappointed that images cannot be posted through the metaweblog API at the moment, looks like I'll have to manually move them over (like I did for this post).

Non oxite users that are having issues with II6 and MVC should read this blog post.

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